About us

GLOBAL SYSTEM is a leading manufacturer of fire curtains and loading systems. The core products offered by the company are:

  • fire rated rolling curtains,
  • horizontal sliding fire doors,
  • vertical fire doors.

The company also offers movable and fixed smoke curtains.

Apart from fire rated solutions, we are offering loading systems with a full range of accessories used in loading technology for industry, sectional and roller doors and high-speed doors.

GLOBAL SYSTEM has almost twenty years of experience in the sale of fire protection and loading systems. We are able to provide the customer with comprehensive solutions that allow the building to be equipped from one supplier. Additionally, the company provides assembly of its products.

All of our products are designed in accordance with the highest standards of norms and health and safety regulations.

We always provide professional and comprehensive technical advice from the design phase to implementation.

For any questions or queries, please contact us: p.michalik@globalsystem.com.pl


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